Monday, March 24, 2014

Virtual Clutter is the Pits.

What is it about springtime that makes one want to cut through their clutter?  Seriously....I've been like this for a week or so and showing no mercy.  It's not just the house either, but email, Ravelry queue items, my "to-read" list on Goodreads....nothing is safe!

I guess just after a long winter, staring at the same projects, the same kidstuff sitting around, etc, going nuts with a trash bag (either in person or virtual) feels good!  I'm finding that once you decide what's important and what you want to spend time on, it's easy.  (Easier, I should say.)

This week:

Stopped reading "I was Told There'd Be Cake" halfway through.  Book jacket promised a "funny" collection of personal essays.  I'd use words like "ramble" and "boring."  Funny doesn't crack my top ten adjectives.  Life is too short to spend reading books that one is not enjoying.

In that vein of thought...why do I have 199 books on my Goodreads list?  I am never going to read all of them.  I'm kind of nuts about books....if I see something out there that interests me even slightly, I put it on there.  But surprisingly, I have a pretty hard and fast rule about not buying books unless they're something I love so much I'll read over and over.  Anyway....60 books off my reading list.

Also cutting back on the virtual clutter:  deleting emails and unsubscribing from newsletters and sales pitches.  My inbox feels so much lighter!  I also cut back my Ravelry queue to 100 projects and organized them by "quick" projects, "Gift" projects, etc.  And made a whole new category that just says "Yarn in House."  I've gotten acquainted with a whole bunch of "old/New" projects.

If I'd known how good this was going to feel, I would've done it ages ago.  I feel like I've lost ten virtual pounds.

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