Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Bear Sweater

Sometime in early 2013, I received an email from a friend...she had been perusing online and found a bear-inspired sweater that she fell in love with.  She purchased the pattern to make it herself and thought about it a lot, but it got put on the back burner due to caring for the almost one-year-old daughter that the sweater was for and running her own law firm.  Oh, have I mentioned that she doesn't know how to knit?  This was to be her first project.  She asked if I could make it and suggest a yarn?  This is a really old friend of mine so I was happy to do it.

Too bad we are both such procrastinators.  She sent me the pattern twice, because I kept losing it in my gmail.  Despite searching for the email by her name.  (I'm horrible about my inbox, it's always full and most of it is stuff I probably won't read anyway.)  Then I didn't hear from her for quite a while after I emailed her suggested yarns and colors.  So anyway, the "baby" is going to be two in July and I'm finally finishing her bear sweater, in the largest size that the pattern is made.  And it is so very sweet!

The body came together rather quickly but I'm not going to lie, those ears were not easy.  Well, I procrastinated again trying to figure them out, thinking that I would have to pick up stitches on the hood and knit them directly on.  I felt pretty sheepish when I realized that they are knit and then sewn on.  That ought to teach me to read the whole pattern before starting!  I also ran out of the sweater yarn and had to order more.  (Yarn is Knitpicks swish worsted, in "squirrel heather" with the pink accents in "carnation.)

This pattern is awesome, though.  You can customize it to a horse, bear, cat, dog....pretty much anything!  I would definitely knit one again.  In a smaller size.  :)


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