Monday, March 10, 2014

First Sleepover

About a week ago, we allowed Will to have his first sleepover.  He doesn't seem quite ready to sleep at someone else's house, but was thrilled to have someone sleep at HIS house!  He invited his friend "Sam" from his old kindergarten class, which was cool because they get along like peas and carrots and he doesn't see Sam all that often.

Brian and I picked Sam up on our way home from seeing "Man of La Mancha" at the local theater.  (Which we almost forgot about.....)  Spending just a few minutes with Sam made me realize why he and Will are such good friends.  Sam loves to talk, and he's right up there with Will on vocabulary.  We talked about Minecraft, something I know nothing about and Sam expressed his love for games like Angry Birds, informing me that "Bad Piggies" is a good game because it's also educational.  Brian had to agree with him, I know that he's a "Bad Piggies" fan too.

Sleepovers have changed a bit since I had one.  Instead of movies, they played games with swords and were really good about letting the Little Brother play, too.  Then they had a good time playing computer games, like "Let's type in a word and add .com to it and see if a real website pops up!"  followed by "Let's jump off the top bunk!"  Had to put the kibbosh on that.  The boys decided that instead of sleeping in the family room, we would make a bed for Sam on the boys' floor.  After chocolates and popsicles (the junk food piece of the sleepover still remains) they went to bed at a reasonable hour.  Will came out of the bedroom at ten, stating that he couldn't sleep, but Sean and Sam were passed out cold.  So I made a makeshift bed for Will on the floor next to Sam and all was peachy keen.

So first sleepover was a rousing success!  May they always be like this....though I think I got spoiled on the first one. :)

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