Monday, February 3, 2014

What is "The Dickens," Anyway??

Last week, when I got to the afterschool program to pick up Will, he was upset about an 'injury."  I asked to see it and he offered me his right hand.  Turns out my boy got his first papercut.  Winter papercuts are the best, huh?  Your skin is just so dry, it's easy to get one, and the dry skin makes it hurt that much more.  Luckily they don't last long.  I said "Buddy, it's a papercut.  They hurt like the dickens but they go away quickly."  He thought about it for a minute and mulled it over.  Then he said "Mom, know what else hurts like the dickens?  When you step on a lego in your bare feet."  He's got me there!  "Or when you pinch your hand in the folding closet door, or the TV table when you're closing it."  Ouch, Will!  You're right.

Then he paused, and said "you know, it's a SERIES of dickens.  I'm going to start a list!"  And he did.

Series of Dickens.  This kid cracks me up on a daily basis.  

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