Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The To-Do List

So....Day Zero list.  How we doin'?

As of 9/30, there's 38 crossed-off items.  Hmmm.  If I'm going to finish this thing (or as finished as it will get) by 9/28/14, I'd best be working on it.  So in a moment's peace today, I made a list of five things I want to work on in the next month.

To be fair, NaBloPoMo is November 1-30.  But I'm already thinking about topics.  Of course I'm not writing blog posts, that would be cheating.  Nothing says I can't start pondering, though.

In October, I'd like to buy a lottery ticket and send a secret to PostSecret (which I won't share on my blog.  Sorry, that's why it's a secret!) Hubby and I are already talking clam chowder over the next couple of weekends, and something about fall just makes me crave cinnamon rolls with pumpkin spice coffee.  Mmmm.

I've got this.

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