Monday, October 21, 2013

Seven Years Old

Happy Seventh Birthday Will!

That sounds so strange to say.  But you are seven today....and wow have you grown over the past year!  Here you are, pictured with Aunt Kim and your brother.  Aunt Kim's birthday is the day before yours so we celebrated them together, at our house with make-your-own-pizza and mini cupcakes.  It's a school day, which we were both bummed about.  If I was Queen, I'd make birthdays always fall on weekends.  Not sure how it would work, but hey, I'd give it my best shot.  Tonight, we'll get fancy birthday pastries and open presents and snuggle up with the second Harry Potter book.

Mom, Dad and Sean all love you, buddy.  Happiest of birthdays my darling, and many many more.  :)

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