Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lots of Playtime

Having dinner with Ella Rose

Trying to sneak up on a resting Daddy

Yay! I built the tower and then I knocked it down!

It's been a great couple of days. Will's had plenty of playtime! On Thursday night, we had people over for dinner, and my friend Joyelle brought her daughter, Ella. She was very affectionate with Will, kept grabbing him and trying to give him a kiss. She loved Joey too, and would chase him around the house. Ella and Will had dinner together, grilled cheese sandwiches and milk. They sat at a little table and kept switching and drinking/eating each other's sandwiches and milk. It was the most I'd seen Will eat in a while, he's been pretty picky lately. He just kept exclaiming "YUM YUM YUM!!!"

On Friday Will stayed home with Mommy and in the afternoon we headed to my friend Rochelle's house to play with her and her son, Toby. Toby is five months older than Will, and they have played together many times. They had a great time playing in Toby's kitchen, eating bananas, yelling up to the "Cat" up the stairs, and finally, chasing each other and squealing. That was the best part, seeing the two of them really interact. :)
Saturday we had a very special treat: Mommy took Will to his first movie! One of the local movie theatres was showing Diego episodes, and it was only $6 for me and free for Will. The volume was unnecessarily high, but my little Diego fan was totally enraptured by his idol on the big screen! One funny thing to point out is that Will is not quite heavy enough to sit in his own seat at the movies. I put him in a seat, but it wouldn't fold down enough for him to be able to sit properly! So he watched the movie from my lap, which was fine. Later on, we finally were able to get some time to play outside! The weather has been so crappy lately with all this rain. But we got a good 45 minutes outside drawing with chalk and trying to ride our tricycle.
We head off on vacation on Friday. It's a big one this year: we're going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina! Our biggest vacation as a family thus far, and my parents are coming as well. I started making our packing list yesterday, and it's mind-boggling! I can't wait to see Will playing on the beach by our resort!

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