Saturday, September 5, 2015

Non-Labor Day

Labor Day weekend.  The unofficial gateway to autumn.  Pumpkin spice everything hitting the shelves.  (I love pumpkin flavor but  need a chill in the air first to partake.) 

I'm sitting on the deck, enjoying  a cool day, drinking a cup of afternoon coffee and a recently expired Nonni's biscotti.  (Doesn't make it any less delicious btw)  I've got knitting in my kind, having just finished choosing new projects.  A Christmas surprise, and a baby sweater.  The kids are playing quietly and my big plans for the day are to get my nails done and knit.

But only if I get out of this chair, it's a pretty nice place to be right now.   Sunday and Monday can be all about labeling lunchboxes and hunting down forms, and Hubby getting ready to travel next week.  Cleaning out the hall closet and folding a million pounds of laundry.  Whatever is on the to-do list.

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