Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm starting a Mom Zombie Gang....Wanna Join?


It's something that I haven't had a "normal" relationship with for years.  It's the bad boyfriend that keeps luring you back with promises of falling asleep easily and waking well-rested. I suffer from insomnia, especially on Sunday nights.  And now we can add anxiety to that list, too, nothing like a brain that's worrying to keep a girl up at night.

But last night was my fault....Hubby's traveling for work and I let the kids sweet-talk me into sharing my bed.  Yeah.....I've had better ideas in my life, especially on a weeknight.  First the little one needed more light, so I left the bathroom door open AND got another nightlight to make him comfortable. Then the big, he is a bed hog.  And the little one is a blanket hog and murmurs in his sleep.  The final straw was getting the knees and elbows of the big one in the back at 3am, and waking up to him sneezing like crazy.  I wandered into their bedroom and got a pillow, and gently transferred the not-quite-awake Will onto the floor with a blanket.  Sean woke up too, and I asked him if he wanted to join his brother on the floor.  "No I wanna stay in the bed."  Of course you do, Darling.

The alarm going off at 6:15am was like an assault to the senses.  Usually they like to pop right out of bed, but they suffered through the snooze cycle with me today.  Will has no memory of me putting him on the floor and was a bit chagrined.  Sean was complaining as we were heading out to the bus stop that he didn't sleep well.  My response:  "None of us did, Baby.  We'll get better sleep tonight."

May tonight bring more sense to this zombie.  (Mombie?)  It's a late day for us too, with karate.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to cook tonight's dinner yesterday--I'm going to be pretty useless tonight but probably will be able to work a microwave.  Probably.

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