Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Six Flags!

We were looking for something fun to do with the boys this past weekend since Monday was a holiday and (GASP) Daddy had the day off!  I haven't been out to Six Flags since right before it was Six Flags, so that was.....17 years ago?  (I'm suddenly fighting off the urge to sob uncontrollably.)

Monday's weather looked nasty from the news, so we opted for a beautiful sunny Sunday instead.  After a breakfast at Cracker Barrel we drove out to the park, expecting crowds.  There weren't any!  There was only one ride that had a wait, and everything else was just a couple of minutes.  Sean and I won superhero capes while playing carnival games, we ate junk food like french fries and funnel cakes and even had ice cream for lunch.  Basically, it was the kind of day that little boys dream about.  No arguments, no fussing, and the only crying was when Sean wasn't tall enough for two of the rides.  (Which is understandable.)  We ended up having such a great day, we upgraded our tickets to season passes!  Can't wait to go a few more times and next time, we can experience their waterpark.  Looking forward to making memories.

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