Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Fun

The boys and I are usually together on Friday nights, while their dad plays volleyball.  They have "Guys Night" on Wednesdays so on Fridays we have the "Friday Night Fun Club."  Corny I know, but they enjoy it.  Some nights we put on elaborate stuffed animal scenes.   Some nights we snuggle in my bed and read from The Hobbit or Pokémon or perhaps the "Field Guide of Marvel Superheroes."  Tonight was a movie and Mom's choice.   So we went with an old classic:  Home Alone.  Some observations:
-Sean had the cop (Joe Pesci) pegged as the villian right away.
-the boys wonder why the bandits don't give up on chasing little Kevin after all the traps.  Still, they think it's great fun, and laugh like hyenas every time someone falls down the stairs or gets hit in the head with a paint can. 
-having a different perspective now that I'm an adult, I wonder just how in the hell these guys aren't dead, much less chasing down the kid!
And in the hell is this movie 25 years old????  I remember going with my friends and sniggering at every mishap like it was yesterday!

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