Thursday, September 25, 2014


Tomorrow is the pre-op testing for my kidney surgery.  Yes.  I'm having kidney surgery.  Actually, TWO kidney surgeries, a couple of weeks apart.

 Apparently, I make kidney stones like it's my job and I've got a big one that needs some intervention before it decides it's going out on it's own.  So in another week, I'll be having day surgery and then taking a couple of days to recover.  Then, I'll have the same surgery a couple of weeks later to make sure they got all of the pieces of the super-stone that they're breaking up.  And THEN I'll have to see a renal specialist to find out why I'm making stones.  All of this sounds really fun and all, but I'd rather not be doing it.  At all.   I wasn't nervous til today, and will likely be MORE nervous this time tomorrow!

Though, I must admit....the prospect of a couple of days off of work, despite the reasons, sounds pretty sweet.  As long as I'm not feeling crappy and in pain.

And to settle the age-old debate of which is more painful:  Giving Birth or Kidney Stones?  The stones win, hands down.

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Sickofitcindy said...

Oh no feel better soon!