Thursday, September 18, 2014

Charts and Classic Rock

Two Will funnies this week:

1.  Will's therapist suggested keeping a "Chore Chart" at home to help with anxiety.  It's not just jobs around the house, but also things like "not fighting."  We give him an allowance every week if he gets the required number of stars.  Sean uses it, too.  We were at a friend's house for a birthday party last year and I saw that she had a chart for two kids instead of buying a separate chart for each kid.  So I poked around on Amazon and found one with room for three kids that was cheaper.  Obviously, we only have two kids.  So we made a joke of it and put my name on it, saying my "allowance" was $100/week.  I caught Will with the dry-erase marker and asked him what he was up to.  He grinned slyly and showed me that he'd given "us" each a fifty-cent raise and added "knitting" to the list of chores.  I think I can hang with that, I know I'm guaranteed a star a day.  :)

2.  Usually I get Sean first at the end of the day pick-up, but on Monday I got out a little early.  I'm slightly hard of hearing, so I don't usually play the radio in the car with the kids.  Why?  Because between their quiet "indoor voices" (esp Sean), the radio and the sound of the engine and tires on pavement, I can't hear what they're saying.  And constantly saying "What??" is just an invitation for screaming on their part, eventually.  So we were listening to the classic rock station, and AC/DC came on.  Now, Will loves classic rock.  After all, his favorite band is Queen.  (I'm doing something right!!)  We listened to a minute to "It's a Long Way to the Top" and he asked me what kind of instrument they were playing.  "Bagpipes."  "Bagpipes with electric guitar, Mom?  Really?" "Really, buddy."  And his whimsical response--"how uniquely creative!"  Two minutes later..."Ok Mom, I think I've had enough bagpipes."  Yep, that's exactly how *I* feel every time that song comes on, too.

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