Friday, August 30, 2013

The Plant Goddess

This is yet another example of why I love where I work.  It's not just because it's elderly housing, but the people are really nice and there's a big sense of community.  Everyone honestly looks after everyone else and enjoys each other's company, etc.

I came into work this morning and set about my usual routine.  (Turn off alarm, set up laptop, go make a cup of coffee while laptop is powering up and downloading emails)  While my coffee was brewing, I turned around to water the peace lily that Brian had given me when I transferred here from my last property.  (It was a surprise gift with a note that says "may you have some peace in your new job.  Very sweet!  I keep it in the community room because I have no windows in my office and it needs sun, obviously.)

Only this morning the plant was NOT THERE.  Just some dust on the table, along with a yellow ribbon that used to be on the basket.  I was livid!  I am not really good with plants, and I had managed to keep this one alive for a year.  I couldn't think of why someone would steal my plant, especially after all this time.  I checked the trash room, thinking someone might've thrown it away, but it wasn't there.  So I resigned myself to thinking that someone took it and got back to work.

About an hour later, one of my residents, "Muriel" came to see me.  Muriel keeps to herself mostly, spending most days in her apartment.  She ventures out only occasionally, usually because her daughter is taking her to the doctor.  So when Muriel came out today, she came to my office.  And my plant was on top of the seat on her walker!  I said "That's where my plant went!"  She said "Yes!  I took it last night and cut off all the dead leaves, and gave it a little bath and a long drink!"  She continued on to tell me how she went about it and why dead leaves are bad for the plant.  And I'll tell you, the plant looked as nice as the day that I received it.  I thanked her profusely and she smiled, and brought it back to it's place in the community room.

This is a nice story for two reasons.  The first is obvious, someone saw my plant getting a little neglected and gave it some tender loving care.  The second is that my plant gave Muriel a purpose, and she felt good about sharing her knowledge and doing something for someone.  That good feeling is twofold:  I feel happy that my plant is back, and happy to be surrounded by people who care about each other AND their building.  :)

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Brian Given said...

It's a wonderful story but begs one question. Did the plant survive the year because you took such great care of it or because you take such great care of the residents that they take care of your plant?