Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maine Trip

We took a family trip to Maine two weekends ago.  The move made it pretty much impossible to plan a week-long getaway as we usually like, so it was just a few days.   We went to Lincolnville, Maine, which is a part that I wasn't familiar with at all.  Lots of quaint towns, pretty sights from coastal Rt. 1 and all-around "Fun for the Whole Family!"  We stayed at a resort in a little log cabin, which the boys thought was pretty cool.  We squeezed a lot of fun in those three days, starting off with a pre-trip to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH!  The boys have been begging to go since we went to one in Williamsburg last year.  Sunday morning brought us to a diner for breakfast, followed by a little back-to-school shopping at the Kittery outlets.  Then the trek up the coast, where the air conditioning died in my car (a second time....frustrating) and was fixed with a quick stop at a local Walmart.  The boys and I worked on this while Daddy recharged the AC in the parking lot of a local Red Robin:

34.  Get pictures done in a photo booth(8/19/13)

And as soon as I find them....I will share.  Rest assured, they are hilarious.  Sean isn't tall enough for the bench in the booth, and Will chose a background that cuts off all of us in varying degrees.  Still, a good time was had by all.  

You can cram in a bunch of activities on a short vacation.  We went to the beach, drove up Mount Battie in Camden, Maine, explored Camden and Belfast's quaint downtowns, eat at lovely restaurants and taverns (well, the tavern wasn't so lovely.  But I digress.)  AND hit two local yarn shops.  :)  The yarn shop in Belfast was small but cram-jammed with local Maine yarns, and a super-pleasant shop owner who brought out a small electronic piano for Sean to jam on while Mom perused the skeins.  And the other shop....lovely as well.  It also turns out that they offer occasional knitter cruises on the harbour.  You can bet that I joined their mailing list!  
 Sean playing with the flying tricycle, downtown Belfast.

 Will takes a turn on the flying tricycle.  (It was bolted into place.)

 Boys by the harbor in Belfast.  They really are growing too fast.

 Will took this photo of Mom and Dad by the harbor.

Gorgeous view from Mt. Battie

 Dinner in Camden:  "Mom, I think that this hanging plant is trying to turn me into a vegetarian."

 Playing in tents at the sports store, Rockport.

 Big hug or flying tackle?  You decide.

Sleepy Seanie on the way home, in Brunswick/Woolwich.

36.  Picnic in a park(8/20/13)  

Mount Battie in Camden was lovely at the top, with breathtaking views of the harbour.  We found a shady place to sit and have lunch, and read some more of the first Harry Potter book.  (Will's been begging for about a year to read it, and I relented at our last library trip.  We read a little out loud every day, and he's quickly becoming an obsessed fan, chatting excitedly about all of the characters.  His favorite is Ron Weasley, BTW) 

43.  Build a sandcastle with the boys(8/20/13)

It's not exactly pretty, but it's a castle.  And we had a ton of fun building it.  The boys collected rocks and seashells to decorate, and then we all helped out in creating this "masterpiece."  The moat didn't stay full very long, but then again it never does.  

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