Sunday, September 16, 2012

This is the Way We Mow the Lawn, Mow the Lawn.....

You know the or it didn't happen!

#54:  Mow the lawn myself.  

Upon deciding that today was the day to cross off #54, Will asked me if this was the first time that I had ever mowed a lawn.  No, it wasn't, my brother and I shared the job as pre-teens.  It was a much bigger lawn, and a bulkier mower.  I'd put my Madonna mix tape (no, I'm not kidding) into my Walkman and spend an hour making the blades of grass shorter.  One time, it was my brother's turn to mow and my father said that I should go outside and "give him some moral support."  (I knew even then, that was code for "Just go outside.")  Imagine my parents' surprise when a few minutes later they came to investigate the yelling in the backyard and found me cheering him on.  "Gooooooo B______!  You can do it!  Mow that lawn, show it who's boss!" and turning cartwheels.  Smartass, I know.  But when I do something, I go big or I go home.

I even had my own little cheering section today.  Hubby took the pictures from our little deck, while Sean cheered and clapped his hands.  I haven't mowed our lawn since we bought the house like ten years ago!  Both the front and back lawn are pretty small so I'd say that I did it in about half an hour.  The lawn mower is much nicer than the one we had, but man the self-propellor is strong.  It's kind of like walking our dog Joey...if you push it too hard it kind of takes off on you!

It feels good to cross off this list item.  That's two items in one weekend:  dyeing yarn with friends and mowing the lawn myself.  I stayed up till past midnight on Friday, reading the last Harry Potter book.  (And my sadness over this being the last one is a whole 'nother blog post.)  If I didn't have 350 pages to go and it would take me til very late, I'd want to push myself to do three in one weekend!

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