Monday, March 7, 2016


I went up to Maine to visit Maureen, Sky and this time Alexi!  It was a fun trip by myself where we went to dinner and a couple of bars in the "Old Port" of Portland, took selfies (because we took selfies before they were cool) and just had fun together.  We had delicious Thai-inspired flatbread and Maine rootbeer, and on Sunday morning, the best donuts in the world.  We observed hipsters in bars (Portland is apparently "Hipster Country, they're up there in droves)  Maureen and I knit like the wind, as she's trying to finish a gift for her aunt in San Diego before her trip, and I had boot cuffs for Lexi.  Neither of us finished our projects.  :(  Mine might be due to having a new project that I'm obsessed with, a Harry Potter cross-stitch sampler.  I can't wait to see it up in my hallway!

  I came home relaxed and to a totally clean house and happy kids. Hubby was happy that I was home too.  Now it's back to the grind for a totally crappy Monday.  But that's what Mondays are for, right?

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