Friday, March 20, 2015

"Pioneer Girl"

I got an email from Amazon the other day and literally squealed with copy of "Pioneer Girl:  The Annotated Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder" is on its way!!!!

This book was published just last year and the first printing went like hotcakes. I'll bet the second printing goes quickly, too.

I've been a fan of Little House on the Prairie (the books, not the TV show) for as long as I can remember.  I've read and re-read them so many times in childhood and adulthood that I know a lot of the material by heart.  I have all of my books and the only time I'm "sad" that I have two boys is when I'm reminded that they have no interest in reading them with me.  (That's what grand-daughters will be for someday, I hope!)  I've read many an article about the "story behind the story," whether Laura and Almanzo's daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, "ghost-wrote" the books, etc.  I've even checked out the cookbook from the library to see if I was interested in making the "vanity cakes" from Little House on Plum Creek or the apples n onions from Farmer Boy.  Probably the only thing I haven't done is someday plan a vacation around the U.S., seeing the "Laura Sites" in Mansfield, Missouri, De Smet North Dakota and Lake Pepin, Minnesota.  (there are others but the names are escaping me.)  But for now, I'm going to bask in my "All Things Laura" fandom geekiness and stalk my mailbox.  Woohoo!

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