Thursday, February 26, 2015

Glimpse into the Future

I'm currently in a McDonald's with Will.  We have a standing tradition of getting milkshakes before his therapy appointment.  It started out as a way to get him to not dread going and now it's just time for him and I to spend time alone. 

Not today.  Today a kid his age called him over and wanted him to play.  At first Will said he was having a shake with his Mom.  I finally said "go ahead, Bud."  He looked happy, hanging out and talking about Skylanders.  In a minute I'm going to call him over and say it's time to hit the road.

This is a little glimpse into the future, isn't it?  Me sitting on my own and the kids taking off with their friends.  It's both freeing and bittersweet.  For the first few years you feel like you are tethered to your kids and NEVER going to get a moment alone.  Now that it's happening and I can't help but feel a little misty-eyed. 

Next time I'll bring my knitting bag.  He's not quite yet at the stage where his Mom's mere presence in public is embarrassing.  Even then, I'll still bring it!

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