Sunday, October 14, 2012

Au Naturel

33.  Try a new hairstyle

For me, my hair has been chameleon-like.  I've had it long all the way down my back, cut short to the nape of my neck.  Bangs.  No bangs.  Many, many colors!  In college I fell in love with a color called "Cinnaberry" which was this purple-y red.  I thought it was pretty hot at the time, but now the pictures make me shudder with horror.  No one with pale skin like me should have their hair that color!  When Brian and I first met I had short, black hair, the result of a self dye-job gone amuck.    Yes...I've pretty much covered the spectrum except for the actual colors of the rainbow.  (I do regret no purple highlights, and now I feel too old.  Too old for a pierced nose too, and all of this makes me sad)  

So what is my new hairstyle?  Nothing.  In August I made the decision to go back to my natural haircolor, which I probably hadn't seen since high school.  It was more of a money and upkeep much as I like getting my hair done the upkeep was a pain.  Plus it's so much cheaper just to go in and get a haircut.  And right now I've got no gray hair.  (And if you've seen some on me I don't want to hear it!)  So why not?  

I'm not saying that I'm NEVER going to color my hair again, in fact, if I start to see gray I'm going to run screaming to the hair salon.  But for now this works, and I'm pretty happy.  And there's nothing wrong with being happy with what you already have.  

 High school senior photo., 1995 

Strawberry blonde up in New Hampshire, circa 1999

Whoa, that's blonde!  2002

Very short cut, pregnant with Will.  Posing with two HS classmates that were also pregnant at our HS reunion

Short and reddish-blonde, around Will's first birthday

Blonde highlights @ Tracy's bridal shower, 2011.


Sara Marks said...

I am the same way about my hair. I have to color it though because I have been going gray since I was about 15. Still, I stick to as close to my natural color as I can (with a little extra red to pep it up).

asplashofsunshine said...

I'm so gray, and I can't decide if I should embrace it, or not. I've never had my hair professionally colored, and never been to a real salon either. I've only been to the franchised hair places for my cheap-o bang cuts. I'm growing my bangs out for the first time ever, so I'm hoping to look cute for once in my life. You've always had cute hairdos.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ginny! I'm only just now starting to see gray myself, but I keep it so short, it doesn't bother me much. And you're right, keeping up on hair color IS a big, expensive pain. Good for you!